Commodore H G Harsha

Commodore H G Harsha served the Indian Navy as a Nuclear Submariner in various positions including Director, Naval Technical Group and DGM (Planning and IT), before retiring as Commodore in 2008. Since then his contribution to the mainstream society has been an eclectic mix of responsibilities in the corporate realm as well as in the social and developmental sector.

As Functional Domain Consultant with Tata Consultancy Services from 2008-2018 he was instrumental in the design, development, integration and testing of Control systems for complex underwater platforms on Mil-grade hardware.

Smt. Jaina Desai

Smt. Jaina Desai is a lawyer by profession and has dedicated her life for the past 15 years to the cause of the Art of Living founded by Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. A deep believer in the role of spirituality, human values and inner peace in solving societal conflicts, Jaina is a Director of the Art of Living. She is trustee of Sri Sri RaviShankar Vidya Mandir Schools which run 95 educational institutions in India, the Middle East and Nepal. She also serves on the Governing Board of Sri Sri University in Odisha, India. She has headed the Secretariat of Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar with a special focus on International Affairs and Digital Media Communications for the last 13 years having vast experience in the area of International Relations.

Smt. Rajita Kulkarni

Smt. Rajita was the Trustee of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Vidya Mandir from 2009-13 and again from April 2017. Smt. Rajita guides the strategy, academics and administration of these institutions ensuring value based, holistic and stress free education to children and young adults. As the President of World Forum for Ethics in Business (WFEB) – Brussels, Belgium. Smt. Rajita leads a global Board of Directors comprising Members of European Parliament, CEOs, and international experts from business and development. Smt. Rajita took over as the President of the prestigious Sri Sri University in India in April 2017. Before that, she served as a member of the Board of Governors of Sri Sri University from 2009.

Sri. Sridharan Swaminathan

Sri. Sridharan Swaminathan is A Professional with a financial and legal outlook. Started his career as a member of the Madras Stock Exchange in 1992, Served for a term of 4 years as an elected Director of the governing council of the Madras Stock Exchange and Vice-President between 1996-97. In 1992 he ventured in the Development and Real Estate vertical, as a Director , M/s.Sabari Builders Private Limited with the on board experience took over the realm at M/s.Sonex Realty Private Limited (presently Newry Properties) a Hong Kong based group Promoted by Sri. Manu Makhija having global presence in varied fields, since its inception in 1997 till date and ensured steadfast growth for the company.