SSRVM Mulund, The Project Day Exhibition 2015

It was that time of the year when faces looked wondrous and minds ignited,
It was that time of the year when teamwork was the only mantra that kept one lighted!

While the world was compelling us to live in division,
There we were, the saviours, to serve some FUSION.

It was that time of the year when tireless striving begot innovation,
It was that time of the year when we loved inviting all to our Project Exhibition.

The Project Exhibition hosted by Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir, Mulund, was held on 10th October, 2015. The exhibits of all the classes from Grades I to IX were eye openers on topics such as English Language & Literature, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science and Art & Craft. With an endeavour to promote versatility in knowledge among the rising stars, the exhibition was one of a kind.

The students and teachers were seen working collaboratively, with each one contributing to the development of the project. Topics were not merely dealt with at the superficial level; the core concept of every subject was brought to light. Receiving experiential learning and thereafter imparting applied knowledge to the guests was the unique selling proposition of this event. The Project Exhibition themed ‘Fusion’, indeed, instilled a melange of values like diligence, sincerity, teamwork and failure management among the prehensile students of SSRVM.