The Intuition Process

What is intuition?

There are three types of  knowledge or information that we get.

The first is through the five senses. Most of our knowledge is gained by these five senses.              

The second is through the intellect. The knowledge gained through intellect is superior to knowledge gained through the senses. Science is knowledge gained through intellect. What you see with your eyes is the sun setting, but what you learnt through science is that the sun doesn’t set. This intellectual knowledge is superior to the knowledge through senses. 

The third level of knowledge is intuitive knowledge. This knowledge comes from the spirit, from silence. It cannot be verified by the senses or the intellect. Knowledge which comes from beyond these two is another level of knowledge.              

This ability is there within everybody. One only needs an opportunity to open up to this level of consciousness, to unfold intuitive abilities. For children it is very easy because their minds are fresh, so they get an easy access to this space.

Intuition is the right thought at the right time. Your success depends on your intuition. Culmination of action in success is intuition. The 2-day long ‘Prajna Yoga’ Workshop (or the Intuition Process) is a training of consciousness to see beyond what is obvious. Intuition can be methodically accessed through meditation.

Benefits of developing intuition

Intuition, just like memory and intellect, has the potential to become sharper. It  allows the right thought to come to you at the right time. Intuition is that which never goes wrong, otherwise it is not intuition. Thereby, it increases the ability to take right decisions, and the right words will come to you at the right time.

No business can work without intuition. Right from dealing with people to making investment decisions, you have to listen to your gut feeling. If you are a poet or a literary person, you need intuition. If you are a doctor, you need intuition. Doctors don’t base the prescription just on observation. There is something  else that also contributes to the prescription.

Intuitive ability will help you get access to subjects which you have not intellectually acquired. For every innovation, you need both, intellect and intuition. It is not enough if you have just studied the information and have intellectual abilities. For innovation, you need an intuitive insight as well. That intuitive insight comes when you empty your mind a few times every day.

As a world, we are one connected organism. What creates barriers between people, communities and countries is when we become nuclear in our thinking. Let’s say I start thinking only about myself – my benefits, my life, my resources. Because I feel I have limited resources and limited capacity, I’ll only watch out for myself . But what if I get something which makes me realize that I have abundant potential? Then I don’t have to worry about my life and I know I can take care of myself. If I know that I have 50 laddoos, then I don’t mind sharing them with 20 people. This way a sense of sharing gets inculcated that makes me feel more connected to the people around me. For children, this manifest as friendliness, a sense of compassion, caring and sharing towards their surroundings.

An awakened intuitive ability increases the caring quotient in children. Imagine when these children grow up as adults, what difference it will make to the state of the world.

The Intuition Process helps in tapping the full potential of children. It manifests in some as creativity, others as sporting ability, writing, intellectual skills, academic excellence etc. Someone may be able to foresee what’s going to happen in future. This can happen for adults too – sometimes – but they (the kids) get it more often.


This is the future of our world – creating a healthy, happy, compassionate and kind society. We have so many different dimensions, so many deep layers to our consciousness. Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar speaks about the seven layers of our existence. The intuition process is like peeling an onion. We are able to tap the full potential of all levels of existence of a child and see how it manifests in just 2 days of the workshop. All seven levels are peeled, one layer after the other. At every level, something new manifests.

At the Body level, the physical body is feels stronger and healthier.

At the level of the Breath, one feels calmer, lighter and more relaxed.

At the level of the Mind, one feels more connected with the present moment.

At the level of the Memory, one gains quicker access to learning, absorption and retention.

At the level of the Intellect, one is so full of trust and confidence that doubts disappear. Decision making becomes clearer and sharper.

At the level of the Ego, one feels connected with everyone around them. There is a sense of belongingness and freedom. This allows them to feel connected with nature, friends, family, the society and the whole world.


We are able to see how this manifests as different expressions in children – to the point of being able to foresee, to read blindfolded and many other mind-bending activities. It’s actually very easy. It’s not a big deal to see this happen with children who undergo the process.

These days you’ll see diabetes, hypertension, obesity, low vision occurring at a young age – even in children. If you really look at why this is happening, it is because of enhanced demands, peer pressure, parental pressure of performance etc. They get into drugs and cigarettes since they are unable to withhold that pressure. All of this creates a psychosomatic imbalance in the way they deal with these issues. The intuition process helps enhance their skills. They have more confidence to face and tackle tough situations. They become so solid and confident from within, that they have no stress. They not only have the voice but also the courage to say no to intoxicants. Once there is more confidence, they feel much more positive. That means better health – mental and physical.

The intuition process can help reduce stress levels in children and therefore lead to a better, happier, more compassionate and kind future for the coming generations.


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