Education – Mind Engineering (Part 4)

Building Other Faculties Of Brain Than Just Memory

With the advent of the Internet, with more and more information becoming available online, students no longer will need to utilize their memorizing and information storing skills.

Just as calculators wipe away the need for remembering multiplication tables after school, just as Contact apps wipe away the need to remember telephone numbers, as technology keeps evolving, the human brain will keep devolving, as more and more of its functions will get taken over and relinquished gradually.

We will have to soon find and teach our children other avenues to engage their brains post their active learning days. For, our brain is a power tool which needs to be kept working to stay young and alive. We will have to discover newer ways to develop other faculties of this wonderful instrument too.

Intuition perhaps? Everything else is only a click away!


Develop Mind, Besides Brain

Just as technical education or hard skills are gradually taught all the way from early childhood in the form of Sciences and Maths, minds too will need ‘minding’ from early on:

  • In early childhood, to inculcate values and duties, for which India is already equipped with its vault of value based education through fables, legends, customs and traditions.
  • In adolescence and youth, to imbibe subtler aspects of existence such as the power of mind, sound, breath, thought, knowledge, energies and matter, for which India is obviously geared, by virtue of its various schools of Yoga, finely refined language of Nature and Science called Samskrt which straddles the domains of both subtle and gross with ease and the various works in it right from Veda, Sastra etc., besides poetry and philosophy.
  • In adulthood, to apply the mind for Mind Sciences and Mind-based Engineering, for which again, India has tremendous potential lying potent, in its hitherto unexploited, traditional sciences and practices.

The clincher for the future, lies in the act of providing for minds to rise, with the establishment of Mind Spaces, i.e. Centres of Excellence for Mind Engineering.

These will be spaces, that will not only cater to the development of Mind Engineering and Mind Engineers for the benefit of India, but which will, with an open mind and open arms, welcome students from all across the globe to benefit from India’s storehouse of “real” knowledge which includes the gross as well as the subtle – knowledge of the real – Vidya.

These Mind Spaces will provide room from where one can

  • hone one’s mind and its capabilities
  • connect using one’s mind,
  • see with one’s inner eye,
  • understand one’s space in Space,
  • learn to coexist in all levels of spaces and
  • create space in one’s heart for one and all.


Educating For Future

The era of stuffing information into our brains for storage is over. The era of learning to access information for merely knowing, will also soon be over. It will have to become a journey from information to transformation.

Institutionalization of both, gross and subtle ways of acquiring knowledge, of both the gross and the subtle in the Universe, using relevant styles of learning from early childhood and youth, is the first step towards shifting gears and rising

  • from being a follower of a global, materialistic trend
  • to becoming a singular leader who understands self in relation to the big Universal picture and works  ingeniously to leverage the best of self and the rest.

We need a good blend of Dhi, Dharma and DakshaThat will be a holistic education, which will change the fortunes of our country.

Among the endless list of paradigm shifts needed in society, the system of education has to be the first to undergo a paradigm shift. For, how can the nation be steered and sustained in future without steering the Minds of its future first?


More on this in our book, Autobiography Of India – Brand Bharat – Future From India.